Portfolio management

We manage our clients' portfolio in one of the world's most dynamic markets through sophisticated trading techniques and strict risk-management strategies. The high level of volatility offered by the crypto market allows us to provide above-average monthly appreciation and the ability to satisfy even the most demanding client.

How does it work

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You organize


You will make available to us the capital in your trading account, under pre-agreed business and contractual terms.

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We provide


We will provide you with free assistance in opening and securing trading accounts, as well as a debit card to distribute profits.

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We trading


Through technical analyzes and risk management strategies, we look for business opportunities and execute trades.


You profit

After each profitable trade will come notification to alert you that the profit was transferred to your debit card.

4 reasons to choose us

Fair approach 

You will not find any entrance fees or hidden fees. After each successful deal, profit is shared between you and our company in a contractually agreed ratio. On average we execute 4 stores per month.

Trading account under control

All transactions are performed exclusively in your account, which you will be granted access to according to pre-agreed conditions. In other words, you are in control of all withdrawals / deposits, trade history, current account balance, etc.


To protect the portfolio, we risk per trade up to 2% of total capital. We made trades on the basis of thorough technical analyzes, which we can always make available to you before each trade.


We highly transparent  and therefore we have created a public group on Facebook and twitter account, where you can see what our technical analysis, trading strategy, success of realized deals, etc. look like.