Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a tool by which we can manage the risk of a given trade and at the same time define a trading plan. This means that you can use it to know when to buy, when to sell, and where to set a stop loss protection order.

What do I get by purchasing a technical analysis?

1. Technical Specification for Trade

2. Justification for trading plan  

3. Explanation of ideal places to buy, sell and place stop loss


Risk management is a system of rules that creates the most important part of trading, but it is usually the last in the list of priorities for traders. Making profits without proper knowledge of this system of rules is unlikely, and therefore we give traders the opportunity to obtain one-time documents that will accompany them for life.

What do I get by purchasing risk management?

1. Basic principles of trading risk management

2. Specific proposals to protect capital and maximize profits

3. Compliance procedure rules 

Private consultation

Private consultation is professional advice on entering a cryptomenic environment. It includes assistance in the selection and opening of an e-wallet, a exchange account and a crypto exchange, but also assistance in KYC verifications, digital transfers and the overall security system. 

What do I get by buying a private consultation?

1. Expertise based on experience

2. Possibility of personal / virtual meeting with explanation of the issue

3. Simplifying and accelerating the process