“The future of money is the digital currency”

-Bill Gates


GTK chain s.r.o. is a Slovak company with several years of experience in the field of digital currencies. The potential of this area is still unknown to most people but it represents a huge opportunity for everyone. Our goal is to show clients a simple and safe way to can use digital currencies to their advantage.


Portfolio management

Direct capital management in your trading account with pre-defined business terms

and conditions


 zero entry and exit fees

high level of risk regulation

 higher standard monthly profitability

fair profit-sharing system


Technical analysis

Forecast price developments chosen cryptocurrency, marking of technical indicators and others indicators


Risk-management strategy

Setting up systems control mechanisms and procedures for individual business operations


Private consultation

Assistance in establishing an e-wallet, cryptocurrency exchange account, digital transfers, KYC verifications, etc..



Security system for access passwords, electronic signatures and hardware cryptocurrencies e-wallets

Bitcoin Mug

Exclusive high-quality ceramic mug printed with the Bitcoin logo


A specific description of the business strategy, hints and tips that we use

Free bonus for you

We associate a community of people on the Facebook/Twitter platform, which currently has more than 1,000 enthusiasts of digital cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology. Regularly publish technical analysis, crypto news, useful hints and tips. All this get for free. Join in, free entry.

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Experts and magazines about us

Ján Kopil

- analyst, portfolio manager

"I am actively working with GTK chain and I support their views on the cryptocurrency markets."

Roman Turčan

- entrepreneur

"As an entrepreneur, I appreciate GTK chain process automation, but especially speed and transparency in business negotiations."

Zuzana Turjaková

- economist

"GTK chain's business and risk management strategies demonstrate how superior profits can be achieved at a relatively low level of risk."


dailybitcoin.cz​ - czech cryptomen magazine

"Professionalism and experience in cryptocurrency trading are the main reason why we applied for GTK chain to cooperate."


5 Reasons why cryptocurrency

Fast and cheap transactions

Security and anonymity

Spreading the risk

Growth potential

Global adoption


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