Do you want to have an overview of what is happening in world markets?

We regularly analyze and trade 30 trading instruments in the field of cryptotomies, forex, commodities, indices and stocks. (See table below.)

What trading instruments do you analyze and on what basis do you do analysis?

Our analyzes are based on Elliott wave theory, tracking trading algorithms, market geometry and technical indicators. Based on this, we can define the risk profile of a given instrument and determine more precisely whether the price will reach certain levels.

How can I get your analysis, how much will it cost me? 

Subscribe to the mailing list. Every Monday we send new, updated analysis by e-mail, supplemented by interesting tips and tricks from business practice. The price is € 9.99 / month. Now you get these analysis at a starting price of only € 4.99 / month.

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Do you know that we can run a managed portfolio based on these analysis? 

We have launched a service that will allow you to securely manage your portfolio. All trading operations are based on the analysis and trading of instruments from the table above. You get not only an overview of the market but also a share of the profit, without having to watch, study or do anything. All you need to do is register and make a deposit to your account.

What are the benefits?

  •  Automatic management of trading operations

  • Possibility to invest from 500 €

  • Registration bonus + 30% on your deposit

  • You get a 50-65% percentage of the profits paid out each month

  • Absolute control over your capital

  • Professional risk management and trading operations

  • Terms and conditions available online from the comfort of your home

  • Online registration

  • Free registration assistance 

Are you interested in a managed portfolio system?

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Do you know people for whom the managed portfolio will be interesting, but they do not know about us?

For recommending our services, we will pay you a 20% share of our profits during the entire period of cooperation from the amount of funds you provide.

What will be my share of the profit?

If you register as our official partner, you are entitled to a 20% share of our profits under the contract. If we generate a profit of € 10 000 from the volume you mediate, the right to your remuneration is € 2 000 the Share will be paid to you for the entire duration of the contract with the client.

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