About us:

GTK chain s.r.o. is a Slovak company, with several years of experience in analyzing, trading and managing risk in the financial market. In close cooperation with Instaforex Ltd., we create managed portfolios, within which we mediate several exceptional trading opportunities for our clients every week in the field of the stock, index, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

The goal:


Our goal is to show clients a simple, but above all safe, way to use financial market movements to their advantage without having to monitor, study or perform anything.

How does it work:

We will provide:

We will make the entire process from registration to the system to the conclusion of the contract available to you online from the comfort of your home.

You will provide::


You will register your trading account in the system, deposit the necessary capital and connect it to our trading account.

We trade:

Through technical analyzes and risk-management strategies, we look for trading opportunities and execute trades.

You profit:


At the end of the month, after the conclusion of business operations, you have the right to request a payment of a share of the generated profit, while your capital continues to work.

Why invest with us:

Experienced team of analysts:

Each member of the team has several years of experience in the financial markets.



In the event of unexpected market movements, your capital is always protected up to 99%.

Cash flow:


Your capital works for you and you can claim returns every month.

Registration bonus:


Upon registration, you will receive a 30% deposit bonus and we will increase your purchasing power.

No fees:


We do not charge any fees, our reward is only a share of the generated profit.



The system is designed so that no one can misuse your capital. It is in your sole possession.



You can withdraw your capital at any time.


Take a look at our work:

We associate a community on Facebook, where we are currently being watched by almost 6,000 people who are interested in our views on movements in the financial markets. We regularly publish technical analyzes of various instruments, news from the financial environment, useful advice and tips. Join in, admission is free.

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